en14If you are among the droves of fans who think that a battle between The Hulk and Superman would be an absolute gem, then you are right where you should be.

Superman speaks to us. What he stands for resonates with each and every person; he is the ideal hero. Superman is the symbol of all that’s virtuous and strong. He speaks to the part of us that needs some assurance that someone has our backs. Few can match his strength, most notably, The Incredible Hulk.

You don’t have to be into superhero action films to know that a Superman versus Hulk tussle is something that we would pay to watch. However, if we do see a comic book episode or a summer blockbuster with the two, the question will remain, between The Man Of Steel and the incredible Hulk, who would come out on top?

Hulk, Bruce Banner’s alter-ego is debatably Marvel’s top strongman. However, ruling out his DC fellow powerhouse, Superman, considered as sheer power in a cape, would be frowned upon.

Superman vs. Incredible Hulk: the demolition derby.

We won’t be comparing power levels today. We’re checking out strength.

Who is pushing three entire Manhattans like it’s a bad yo-yo, not who’s ripping entire bottomless pits every time they sonic punch the floor.

From whichever comic universe the two strongmen come, the things they do in those universes are unlike anything that’s ever been witnessed. Hulk is the hero that has levels of rage that no one can contain. He is not the ideal mental picture of the Hero.

Hulk is the hero that lays to waste entire armadas of alien intruders, and you can bet that rapid-healing ability will always get him back up should he sustain any damage.

The Man of Steel, on the contrary, plays racket ball with planets and is dunking continents into oceans like Oreos. He is DC’s S.I unit of strength, often choking Dark Gods with nothing but his triceps.

Superman does seem like he’d wipe his boots with Hulk, at first. However, take into consideration that Hulk’s power levels skyrocket with increasing anger, and it’s a different narrative altogether. To beat the Hulk, he would have to do it so fast that Hulk doesn’t even get the chance to let out an angry sigh. Should Hulk become super angry, it’s going to be a long day for Superman.

Damage Levels

The Hulk just keeps going and going. He has got that thick skin going for him. Combine that with his healing ability and you have a fighter that won’t go down without a wrecked home planet or two. Hulk does grow back lost limbs, which upgrades his power from healing to regeneration. Although we are not sure that same logic applied to his head, we will just have to wait until someone tries to behead him (dies waiting).

Hulk is a fighting machine, typically going for long period exchanging blows that could turn other heroes into fish mash. That is not to say that he hasn’t taken a punch or 50. He might be down, but he is certainly not out. He’s just probably getting back his breath- and his lost toe.

Superman is virtually indestructible. You’d have to try super duper hard to hurt The Man of Steel. There are not a lot of things that could hurt him, and that kind of power is mostly just seen in gods.

The Krypton-born superhero does not have any quick recovery abilities or regenerative qualities, but when is he going to need that when a punch feels to him like getting whipped by a string bean and he’s eating M26s like gumballs.

He does use the sun to heal, though, and the source of his power is widely believed to be the sun. His has so much stamina that it would be hard to imagine him being exhausted from a fight.

We don’t know who would win for sure, but we do know that Hulk vs. Superman would be a battle for the ages. Check out an interesting and comprehensive fan theory on how the Superman vs Hulk battle would transpire in the resource box below.

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